VRAM not recognized! platinumfb, kernel 2.2.2

Paul Barrette barretp at mcmail.cis.mcmaster.ca
Tue Mar 23 16:17:52 EST 1999

Thank you Franz, the "dcbf" substitution for "dcbi" worked like a charm.
That is much better than forcing it to recognize x amount of ram, what if I
buy more vram, another compile? -it is not necessary now, good call.

>At 19:08 21.03.99 , Paul Barrette wrote:
>>It was suggested that I hack the video driver to force it to use 2mb for
>>vram (platinumfb.c file?).  Here is where I would guess to set it:
>>bank0 = 1; /* builtin 1MB vram, always there */
>>bank1 = info->base_frame_buffer[0x100000] == 0x34;
>>****can I just set "bank1=1;" and get away with it?  Or does the kernel
>>have to find it?
>yes, you can simply set bank1=1. But as I modified this code a while ago to
>fix this, I would like you to try some things:
>- does it work if you replace the "dcbi" assembler instruction a few lines
>before in the invalidate_cache() macro with "dcbf"?
>- or if you add a 2nd eieio after dcbi/dcbf?
>BTW, which compiler version are you using?

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