egcs 1.1.2 big improvement over egcs 1.1.1 !

Franz Sirl Franz.Sirl at
Tue Mar 23 04:59:28 EST 1999

At 18:02 20.03.99 , Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:
>If any of you are having trouble with projects compiled with egcs 1.1.1, I
>highly recommend trying egcs 1.1.2.  The only problems I have found with it
>are that the haifa scheduler sometimes changes the sequence enough to mess
>up monitor/lock and unlock code but that can be worked around by not using
>haifa for those files.

Can you boil down this bug to a testcase that exit(0)'s if the code runs 
OK, or abort()'s if there is a bug?
And I have still two egcs patches on my "maybe apply for R5 release" list, 
you can try them, if you are interested.


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