Success!!! Yeah!!!

Brian Macy bmacy at
Tue Mar 23 03:35:33 EST 1999

Unfortunately I had to use R4 because I couldn't get preR5 to install after
many tries with all kind of variations. The only problem I had with R4 was
when I went into package selection and click on "base" (the last package) I
got a SEGV 11. I also had a bit of problem getting BootX Extension to
correctly pass the root device as an argument... it ended up as 00:00
several times until I actually booted into MacOS, changed the setting with
the BootX App, and saved the prefs. Shame I couldn't install preR5 on this
spare machine though.

Anyways, I noticed R4 is using kernel 2.1.125 which is nice. It means
modutils and a bunch of other packages are up to date for the 2.2.x series.
Are there any other packages I should update? Anyone try 2.2.3-ac4 yet (I
probably will this week)?

Brian Macy

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