MVME 2306 almost up and running

Michael Lundkvist ml at
Mon Mar 22 01:52:01 EST 1999

Matt Porter <mmporter at> writes:

> All 21143-based boards shipped to this point had a non-compliant DEC SROM
> which caused overruns in the driver's private structure that leads to the
> crash in del_timer.  I've attached a patch to handle this bad value and
> worked with David Davies so it should make it's way into the kernel
> eventually.  Newly manufactured boards should be leaving with corrected
> SROMs...I'd like to give the person who misread the spec a swift kick in
> the knees...turns out that the SROMs from all the PowerPlus boards ever
> made are non-compliant only they don't crash the de4x5 driver. 

I just tried your fix on a MVME2307 with the DEC21143. I'm using
2.2.1+Gabriels patch. I still see the crash in del_timer as called
from disable_ast. The function type1_infoblock() isn't even called as
far as I can see.


Michael Lundkvist
Epact Technology AB
ml at

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