SCSI crashes with vger

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Fri Mar 19 04:31:01 EST 1999

Both latest vger (2.2.4) and latest paul's kenrel (2.2.2) crash in the
NCR53C8XX driverm in ncr_wakeup_done, just after having probed SCSI
controllers (the NCR and MESH) and before (or when) probing devices.

This configuration used to work well until (and including) 2.2.1.

I tried tacking this but I'm a little bit out of time and I don't know
the SCSI subsystem very well. The exception reported by xmon is:

vector: 700 at pc = c012b010, msr = 81032, sp = c019bbe8 [c019baf8]
current = c0199f58, pid = 0, comm = swapper

and it crashes somewhere in the swapper task (usual place for crashing ;-)

If someone have any clue, I'll continue my tracing on my part but some
help would be welcome. I don't have 2.2.1 source handy (to look what changed).

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