[linux-fbdev] Xbh X server/adding acceleration to XF68_FBDev

Jes Sorensen Jes.Sorensen at cern.ch
Wed Mar 17 20:43:59 EST 1999

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Rugen <jrugen at primenet.com> writes:

Jeff> Now, the reason I included the Framebuffer list is I was
Jeff> interested in adding acceleration for the clgen framebuffer in
Jeff> the XF68_FBDev server.  What source should I use as a starting
Jeff> point?  (I have the 3.3.3 server-only source right now).  I'll
Jeff> also use that as an excuse to verify that 32-bit modes really
Jeff> work with clgenfb.  Thanks.

Use the Cirrus Logic accel code from the SVGA server, basically the
long term goal is to merge the FBDev and SVGA servers.


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