Xbh X server/adding acceleration to XF68_FBDev

Jeff Rugen jrugen at primenet.com
Wed Mar 17 14:52:44 EST 1999

Well, I've done some more work on the Xbh X server for 16- and 32-bit
support.  I've added some acceleration to the 16- and 32-bit modes, so they
no longer flicker like they did (basically just got the 8-bit stuff
working with the different modes).  32-bit mode seems to work for me (using
fvwm2 and a few applications), but 16-bit mode needs some work.  It's
started though.

This time I put the source with the executable.  Its all at:

Now, the reason I included the Framebuffer list is I was interested in
adding acceleration for the clgen framebuffer in the XF68_FBDev server.
What source should I use as a starting point?  (I have the 3.3.3 server-only
source right now).  I'll also use that as an excuse to verify that 32-bit
modes really work with clgenfb.  Thanks.

Jeff Rugen                      jrugen at primenet.com

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