LinuxPPC on an MVME2307

Michael Lundkvist ml at
Wed Mar 17 09:17:10 EST 1999


I'm trying to get LinuxPPC running on an MVME2307 board and I have
heard that you have tried to get it to run on similar boards.

I have been able to get it to work on MVME2306 and MVME2600 boards but 
so far I haven't had any luck on the MVME2307.

So far I have tried a stock 2.2.1 kernel with Gabriel Pauberts patches 
and a kernel from vger CVS (dated 990316).

The vger kernel never gives me any output and I haven't tried to debug 
it any further yet. It works on an MVME2600 board.

With Gabriels kernel I was able to boot but it crashed when
initializing the DEC21143 chip. I chased this down do what I think is
a bug in the driver. It tries to do del_timer() on a timer that never
has been added. 

I fixed that and the kernel booted, but I got no response from the

The de4x5-driver had allocated IRQ 10 for the chip and as I dug a bit
further into this I found a difference in the residual data between
the 2306 and the 2307 card. For the MVME2307 the information about
interupt mapping (PCIInfoPack.Map[]) is one entry shorter and it
doesn't contain any information about the 21143. For both the MVME2306 
and the MVME2600 it contains information that maps it to IRQ 18.

Do you have any more information on this? 

Is there anything more I can do? I'm afraid that I don't know all that
much about the PReP architecture or kernel development, but I'll try
do to whatever I can. :)


Michael Lundkvist
Epact Technology AB
ml at

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