MVME 2306 almost up and running

Gabriel Paubert paubert at
Sat Mar 13 00:10:47 EST 1999

On 7 Mar 1999, Michael Lundkvist wrote:

> Aaaaah! This one helped a lot!
> But I'm not quite there yet. Now the kernel panics when it tries to
> configure the ethernet devices.
> It looks to me like it dies in net/ipv4/ipconfig.c:ic_open_devs since
> i see the line "IP-Config: Entered." but I never see the 
> "IP-Config: Opened %s (able=%d)\n", dev->name, able).
> I'm attaching the boot log and I'm cc-ing to linuxppc-dev to see if
> anyone there has any help to give me.

> My board is a MVME 2307SC-1 with 64MB RAM and a DEC 21143-TD etherne chip.

Matt Porter had a fix for the problems with the 21143, but I don't know
where they can be found. Perhaps it will be simpler now that vger is back
(although I won't switch back to vger for at least a few weeks). 

> Is there anymore info I can provide. I feel like I know absolutely
> nothing about this hardware.

BTW: my driver for the Universe (PCI<->VME bridge chip) is now close to
its final state. It still needs some cleanup, but I hope to be able to ask
for testers next week.  (Even DMA is working now, this was quite a
headache to get right and it took me several iterations to find a simple
and relatively easy to use interface for the callers). 


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