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   Hmm, are you sure you did everything right during configure/make? I have no 
   problems with 22b on glibc-2.1 (R5) here. Just the usual ld testsuite FAILs:

I've been using all the latest tools I can find (the usuall gettext,
autoconf, automake etc.  I also am using glibc-2.1.  I would like to 
recompile it though, since the texinfo I had at the time was broken.
I do get a problem in the math library that I sort of ignored.  The 
system has been running mostly fine in spite of that error.  I did not
add any special options to configure, other than a --prefix=<dir>.

I'll going to replace my kernel header files and try again.  There may
be a problem there.  I'll let you know what happens.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.


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