What a day for linuxppc!

Paul Mackerras paulus at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 11 09:38:21 EST 1999

Tom Rini <tmrini at ntplx.net> wrote:

> On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Martin Costabel wrote:
> > 1) The 2.2.3 kernel from Linus. Unfortunately it doesn't compile on PPC,
> > because Paul's semaphore patches didn't make it. The semaphore patches
> > for Alpha are there, though, and they are not older, so why is this so?
> Paul didn't send them on.  Linus doesn't go and pick up patches..

Actually, I did, twice, and Cort has also sent them in the past, and
Linus has ignored them all. :-(


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