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Michel Lanners mlan at
Thu Mar 11 08:11:38 EST 1999

On  10 Mar, this message from Hubert Figuiere echoed through cyberspace:
> I don't like to work in silence, so I usually play back a 
> bunch of mp3 with xaudio under Linux PPC from my PowerBook.
> The problem is that I get a lot of sound drops like if the machine
> were "mono-tasking". I have never had this with PC hardware under Linux.
> It appears that those drops occurs when doing intensive graphics like
> a Netscape redrawing or a huge text scroll within an xterm. This happens
> with Xpmac or XFB_Dev.
> My question is: Is it a known bug of the sound drivers or is it a 
> hardware limitation ?

IIRC, there was such a question on /. recently. You might ant to look
over there.

I would rather attribute this symptom to a problem in X, where the X
server is allowed to monopolize much of the machine for redrawing. The
fact the our current X servers (all those I tried, even Xpmac_mga
accelerated for my Matrox) eat _huge_ amounts of CPU for all blitting
operations like scrolling etc.

There seems to be work to do on the X side of things....


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