Promise Ultra33 in PowerMac?

Michel Lanners mlan at
Wed Mar 10 18:06:16 EST 1999

Hi all,

I'm thinking about adding a Promise Ultra33 UDMA IDE controller to my
PowerMac. Those things, and especially the IDE disks, are so damned

Anyway, does anybody have any idea whether such a beast would work with
the current ide driver stuff? I guess that PCI-wise, there should be no
problem. It's more a question of who initialises te board, as that may
be done by BIOS on-controller in an i386 machine, and has to be done by
the driver on a PowerPC box.

Using i386 boards in a PowerPC box under Linux can be done, as
demonstrated by my Compaq-OEM Matrox Millenium which works happily
(excpet a few quirks not related to its i386-ness).

Any thoughts (apart from 'drop that idea, buy SCSI' ;-) ?



PS Andre, you got this mail because you're listed as maintainer of the
IDE stuff. If you know any other more apropriate oracle to answer this,
please forward...

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