is the new Pre-5 out?

Dan Bethe dtm at
Sat Mar 6 07:15:28 EST 1999

	Hi guys.  I *just* subscribed.  I hung out with the LinuxPPC
guys at LinuxWorld on Wednesday.  I didn't see ya over at VA's booth
so I'm sorry if Maddog didn't get to see your live installer  :)
	But we have several bigtime former Apple employees and general 
Powerbook enthusiasts here at VA who want to demo pre-R5.  Also, HJ Lu
(hjl at, who works here, and who is a maintainer of
binutils/egcs (ppc in particular), needs my powerbook to install R5 in 
order to fix some showstopper bugs near the assembler.
	So I was hastily wondering if anyone has uploaded the latest
pre-R5 with the installer (heh) and perhaps even the live HFS file
loopback root installer.
	Also I was wondering if anyone had tried to get LinuxPPC
distributed via any stores.  In the San Francisco Bay Area, there is
a Mac-only store called ComputerWare (  I was
going to contact their CFO and CEO, but I guess I'll do it again
anyway if you guys already have.  They do sell Apple's old MkLinux
book in-store for $50.
	Take care guys, you kick freakin ass.

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