ADB Reset

Hubert Figuiere hub at
Sat Mar 6 05:46:45 EST 1999

According to Christian Jaeger <cj at>:
> While you are at it:
> Consider a reinit for SCSI,

Look at the SCSI-Programming HOWTO. It explain how to 
force a new SCSI device to be recognized.

> ext. Screen, Network as well since that's
> changing with locations.

For network, everything can be done with shell script

> Maybe even hot-swapping the disk/cdrom/zip-drive in
> expansion bay.loading the appropriate modules on the fly.
> ;)

kerneld will do this. Just fill the modules.conf in.

Hotswapping CD and floppy on my PB 3400 works like a charm
(thanks to the people that made it).

World Wide Wait: the real meaning for WWW.

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