Problem with egcs and denormalized constants?

Gary Thomas gdt at
Fri Mar 5 21:06:24 EST 1999

On 05-Mar-99 David Edelsohn wrote:
>>>>>> Randy Gobbel writes:
> Randy> I've been poking around in binutils a bit, and it looks to me like the
> Randy> badness is actually in gas.  Somewhere in expr.c is my current best
> Randy> guess.  As far as I can tell, gas doesn't actually call glibc to
> Randy> translate numbers, it has its own hairy platform-independent stuff for
> Randy> that.
>       Has anyone created a small, self-contained testcase and reported
> it as a bug to binutils?
> David

I'm looking into it.  Note: it was only in the last few hours that this
problem with GAS/BINUTILS/??? became known.

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