MVME 2306 almost up and running

David De Ridder s970707 at
Fri Mar 5 03:35:53 EST 1999


just reporting some progress for those who are interested...

The kernel, v2.2.1, correctly boots, but was unable to mount its
NFS root fs. I have tracked the problem down to BOOTP. I do not
know whether this a flaw in the Linux kernel BOOTP method or an
error made by me (if you can clear this up, please do. My ego
can take a couple more hits ;-).

Because I wanted to separate the root fs from the tftpboot directories,
I have to use both the 'hd' tag as the 'rp' (remote path) tag in BOOTP.

The problem was located at the 'rp' tag. I used a full NFS-style name,
'nfshost:/path', while Linux will want to mount 'nfshost:/path' on 
host 'nfshost', instead of '/path' on 'nfshost'. After changing the
'rp' value to '/path', it works fine. My question : then how do I
set an other NFS server than the BOOTP server for the client ?
(I know : nfsaddr can do the job - for Linux clients).

I always thought it was possible to use different hosts.

BTW, the Linux BOOTP kernel sequence doesn't seem to recognize
the domain name, "domain=(none)", any ideas on that ? 

My final question : our board now finally boots, it can mount an
NFS partition as root fs, but does anybody know where on the Internet
I can find a file system tree with the binaries for LinuxPPC ? I mean,
like Slackware, but for LinuxPPC. (We have no other [spare] PPC based
machines, so I need a full binary file tree to set up on the NFS fs).

Kind regards,

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