Setup Swap Screen

Rodney J. Woodruff rwoodruf at
Wed Mar 3 02:14:49 EST 1999

Hello Everyone (Please reply to me and the list),

I need your assistance.  When trying to install LinuxPPC on my minitower
(details below) I get the following message at the setup Swap screen:

"You don't have any hard drives available.  You probably forgot to configure the
SCSI controller."

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem?

Machine Specs:
G3/333 MT
192 MB Ram
5 partitions (All HFS)
9 GB UW SCSI Hard Drive
UW SCSI Controller
miroMotion Video Capture Card
FireWire Card
External 18 GB UW SCSI HD
External CD Burner

Your help is truly appreciated!

-- Rodney

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