Kernel boot arguments over network

David De Ridder at
Tue Mar 2 20:46:33 EST 1999

Mike McQuade, with bold words breaking the horrid silence thus began :

>The params you pass in are at the Linux boot prompt,
>you see this prompt at the serial term right after
>you start the boot process.

 But therefore, the kernel needs a serial console at boot -
 which it doesn't have. With CONF_SERIAL_ECHO, it is possible
 to echo all kernel messages (e.g. the ones you see when linux
 boots) to a serial port, but it's one-way traffic. You cannot
 type anything before the file system is mounted (because you
 need getty or the like to create a serial console).

 The MVME230x series boards have NO harddisk, so using LILO or
 LoadLin doesn't seem possible.

>I rmember having to modify one of the C files in the kernel
>to make the boot device == NFS, without this mod,
>the kernel would panic.

 Doesn't the option 'root=/dev/nfs' do the same ?

>do you get anything out the serial port on startup ?

 Yes, the kernel I have (from Gabriel Paubert) gets as far as
 'Now booting...', and then hangs. Does anyone know what phase should 
 be next ?


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