fixes in glibc ??

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Tue Mar 2 13:08:39 EST 1999

If one reads the entire liscence on the code with a 'bsd' liscence, there
is a special exception for glibc, allowing it to be covered by the GPL.

Glibc-2.1 has been released, and by the GPL conditions, anyone who
downloaded a copy is free to re-release it. One can get a copy from

Rumor has it the *real* reason it was pulled was that glibc will only
compile with egcs, and was pulled because of lack of support for the 'GNU
C compiler'. This really makes no difference on the PPC, since is no
recent GCC with decent PowerPC support.

> I can't comment on what the current state of glibc is but we
> should clarify something for the sake of the Linux/PPC people (Jason, et
> all).  glibc2.1 is not being pulled from r5 alone.  glibc2.1 was
> completely pulled from distrubtion on ANY platform by gnu due to licensing
> problems with one section of code written by people outside gnu.  They
> put a license restriction on their section of code that was a bsd style
> license, which conflicts with the GPL.  As a result GNU pulled glibc2.1
> from their site.  The ability or inability to include glibc2.1 in r5 is
> not a decision at this point in time.  From posts I've read
> it seems that many have misinterpreted Jason's post to mean that
> chose not to include glibc2.1.  I'm not privy to their
> decision making process but in this case, glibc2.1 is being pulled by a
> "higher power"  Please no flames as to the assention of RMS to higher
> power status (smile)
> Keith Clayton
> kclayton at
> On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, /* Vinai */ wrote:
> > 
> > Folks,
> > 
> > I remember a few days ago, there was talk about the latest version of
> > glibc being pulled from R5.  We use an in-house software package that
> > has a plug-in architecture. With the bug in "dlopen", the plug-ins are
> > not accessible ...
> > 
> > Can anyone say whether the R5 version of glibc will have this fix ??
> > 
> > thanx
> > 
> > vinai

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