PowerCenterPro + L2 cache

frank.pierce at hedb.uib.no frank.pierce at hedb.uib.no
Tue Mar 2 04:18:46 EST 1999

Hi. I'm having some problems with the PowerCenterPro210 and L2 cache. When I do
a cat < /proc/cpuinfo
the L2 cache does not show up even tough it has 1MB on it.

If any1 out there is running linuxppc on this machine could you check if the
cache shows up in your /proc/cpuinfo ?

I need to know if I have a hardware problem. The problem is the same if I run
R4 or R5.

I'm booting via bootx but I don't think that's the problem.

Compared with the 3400c the PowerCenter is really unstable. The power book has
not crashed ones and can compile a kernel without 1 segmentation fault. The
powercenter gives me at least 10 before it crashes completely.

E-Mail: frank at cmc.uib.no
Mob.: 93289455
Date: 01-Mar-99
Time: 12:03:09

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