sym53c8xx clock being incorrectly set

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Mon Jun 28 12:05:34 EST 1999

When my MTX machine boots correctly, I get a message when the sym53c
driver inits something like this:

ncr53c875-0: NCR clock is 26772KHz, 26772KHz

When I compiled 2.2.10, I got saw somthing like 60xxxKHz, and the symbios
driver would continually reset the bus on command timeouts.
(see my previous message)

Well, I changed line 9495 of drivers/scsi/sym53c8xx.c from

        OUTB (nc_stime1, gen);  /* set to nominal delay of 1<<gen * 125us */
        while (!(INW(nc_sist) & GEN) && ms++ < 100000)
                UDELAY (1000);   /* count ms */
        OUTB (nc_stime1, 0);    /* disable general purpose timer */    


		UDELAY (480);   /* count ms */

This is obviously not the right way to fix this, but it has solved my
immediate problem (my machine didn't boot), and I have a couple of
deadlines to meet.

If anyone figures this out, or has an idea what why this is messed up, let
me know. Otherwise, I'll get around to fixing it eventually. (I hope)

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