Glibc 2.1 and MPC 8xx

kd at kd at
Fri Jun 25 21:30:47 EST 1999


Thanks to Wolfgang Denk and Leif Lindholm regarding my problems with the
interrupt vectors.
I examined even better what was happening and it is probably a faulty
device driver causing the strange crasses.
At least the application is always running in the driver when it
crashes......... So a stupid user error 8-).

Anyway I am now trying to get the system to run on a self contained
Glibc2.1 system that will eventually be running from
flash. I have a lot of applications crassing all over. I believe it is due
to the cache size assumption made in Glibc2.1 that so many have mentioned
in the past few weeks. Does any one have a quick-hack-patch for fixing this
before I start to hack up a
code I do not understand the least 8-)? Are there any other known problems
with Glibc 2.1?



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