preferred Sync rates in X for PDQ/Wallstreet 2.0

Josh Huber huberj at WPI.EDU
Wed Jun 23 04:41:33 EST 1999

Joseph Palani Garcia writes:
> Does anyone know the preferred HorzSync and VertRefresh rates for the LCD
> display on a PBG3/300?
> Xconfigutator either has outrageous rates or there just aren't vid modes
> that do it.  I know LCD's don't really have a sync rate, but I'd like to
> think it is compatible with something better than the 60/31.5-48.5 that I
> am stuck using from the generic LCD settings.  Or does it matter?  i
> have noticed that some GTK apps (e-conf and gterm) take a bit to draw
> themselfs before they open.  related issue?  (a vid mode at a higher rate 
> i had "working" was weird in that about half the screen was offset half a
> pixel so it looked like antialiased interlacing. best description i can
> think of :)
I suggest inserting the output of fbset -x into your XF86Config file.  This has sane values, and works (on my PB233 14.1") nicely.


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