ld bug with -Bsymbolic --noinhibit-exec (

Eric Ding ericding at applix.com
Fri Jun 18 08:49:49 EST 1999

Hi Franz,

Yes, it works!  At least, it links... :)  There is a strange matter of
it needing LD_RUN_PATH where it seems I didn't need this variable set on
other platforms (according to the ld info page, it should look in
LD_LIBRARY_PATH if LD_RUN_PATH isn't defined).

So now I can say that it links... but Applixware yet does not run.  More
when I discover more...


>>>>> Franz Sirl <Franz.Sirl-kernel at lauterbach.com> writes:

> Ok, I've put up a 1b RPM for testing. Let me know if it works as
> expected. Note the dev.linuxppc.org has changed IP address, so you
> might have to use the direct

> Franz.

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