MBX board , PCI_DMA , virt_to_bus

wohlj7s0 at elon.edu wohlj7s0 at elon.edu
Fri Jun 18 04:48:10 EST 1999


I was wondering if anyone could help me with a little snag I am running

Using a MBX board I have successfully started to get a driver to work with
a pci card that I am working with.  I figured out how to remap the cards
pci memory back down to virtual memory with ioremap(pci_base_addr+0xc0000000)
and have everything working, including interrupts with the exception of
the PCI dma transfers.  It seems that virt_to_bus on kmalloc'd memory will
not work on the MBX board where it will work fine on my x86 kernel module.
If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Basically I am writing the address of some virtual memory into a register
on the card to hopefully get the DMA transfer to work, with no success.  

I have tried virt_to_bus, virt_to_phys, iopa, and have run out of ideas.

Jason Wohlgemuth

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