Help booting MBX through bootd

Magnus Damm damm at
Thu Jun 10 22:38:23 EST 1999

Hi there!

There are a few problems today with 8xx linux.
People out there: Correct me if I'm wrong.

I blame some of the strange problems on silicon bugs 
in the mpc860 chip. Read the chip errata.

My MBX board has a XPC860ENZPA.
I think I have a C1 chip on a other board which works better.

The memory management is a bit strange.
On some boards is it neccesary to reserve a few tlb entries.

One other problem is that the 8xx series don't have a fpu.
That is not a kernel problem, more a libc problem.

The last problem I know is that the 8xx has a smaller 
(4 words) cahce line length compared to 60x.

I think you should get a crosscompiler.

Cheers /


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