PReP boot options was Re: How to boot VME from HD?

Matt Porter mporter at
Wed Jun 9 05:31:24 EST 1999

> check twice before typing the return key since the wrong digit in the of0
> parameter may make one of your partitions unusable (to solve this we would
> need a MILO like loader, but I had no time to work on this, although
> prepboot might be a good starting point).

This is something I've been looking at off and on.  I think the best route
is to take quik and combine it with features from the integrated
bootloader and your preploader.  The current situation makes it tough to
offer a PReP distribution that smoothly installs since one needs to
rebuild the bootloader and link with the kernel just to change the default
root device and kernel parameters. :-/

> I have also considered the
> possibility of booting from ROM (flash the kernel into the 4 or 8Mb of
> PROM present on these boards), but not implemented it.

I have working code for this that requires an updated PPCBUG revision.
A PPCBUG release with support for RBing PReP images should be available
"RSN", but it's hard to say since the firmware group is rather loaded
these days.

Matt Porter				Motorola Computer Group
mporter at			Real Time Software Support

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