Mac-on-linux is now working...

Brad Midgley brad at
Sun Jun 6 04:00:34 EST 1999

sorry i'm filling you mailbox :)

> >the virtual machine. i think i'll install a small macos on another drive
> >that has bootx and remove bootx from the main mac system. (it IS a trip to
> >watch linux boot inside linux however :)
> I think I'll have to fix that...

is there a way bootx could tell it was running inside a mol session?

> Probably something in the adb emulation. I have some plans in mind to add
> better support in the kernel for routing directly ADB datas to MOL.
> Currently, MOL reconsitutes ADB datas from the Xpmac pseudo-keycodes send
> by the kernel to the front VC.

interesting approach. the xpmac code in the kernel could be fixed to deal
with multiple mice better (i'll have a look). /dev/adbmouse does deal
correctly with multiple mice--did you ever think of translating busmouse
info into an adb stream?

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