Sascha M ü llner sascha at muellner.de
Sat Jun 5 06:50:46 EST 1999

Hi all,

the turbomax card works fine with LinuxPPC (use the blue kernel v1 or v2) it
is real fast like on MacOS. But I have got real Problems on compiling a
Kernel - don´t no why but after starting my kernel (kernel 2.2.0-pre15 from
the Developer Release) it runs a complete IDE initializing sequenze from hde
to hdh - with no detects.

I realized that the controller adress shown in my kernel is half long as in
the blue kernel don´t know why has anyone an idea how to get a running
kernel ? (I have checked out every possible conf. with no results long
compiling time and very long script :-))

PS. If anyone know how to get a running kernel 2.2.9 - i have just
downloaded the patches from kernel.org but got problems compiling it (break
in arch)


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