Problem with linux/in.h

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Fri Jun 4 14:31:03 EST 1999

Patrik Jonsson <patrik at> wrote:

> When I try to compile code that uses networking (I tried ssh and freeciv) 
> I get this error:

Are you using R4 (i.e. glibc-1.99) or R5 (i.e. glibc-2.1)?  If you are
using glibc-1.99, I recommend you change the definition of __GLIBC__
in /usr/include/features.h to say

#define __GLIBC__ 1

rather than 2.  The problem is that some of the kernel include files
omit some definitions if __GLIBC__ == 2, since glibc-2.1 likes to
define things that should really be left to the kernel headers (IMHO).


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