MPC8xx: wrong zimage_start

Magnus Damm damm at
Thu Jun 3 19:22:58 EST 1999

> Hi Magnus

Hi there!

> Please give me a hint where to find the errata sheets ?.

You can find the 860 errata at motorolas website:

It contains a 860T specific part.

When I got my 860T didn't this errata contain any 860T specific
information at all.

> What problems about the 860T ?    Because we choose that device :-(

First of all, the B revision contains the serious bug that makes it
impossible to use the
fec and the cpm at the same time. great.

They don't mention the B revision in that errata. My FADS860T had that
chip when I got it.

I've got a B3 and that one still contains the CPU7 bug that makes
datacache corruption
when writing to sprs.

I've got a workaround from Dan that I've applied to my embedded-2.2.5

The workaround works fine, now I'm stuck with some minor fec.c problem.

Hope this helps! /


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