MPC8xx: wrong zimage_start

Magnus Damm damm at
Wed Jun 2 23:49:59 EST 1999

> Hi,

Hi there!
> I think I need some help... I'm trying to port Linux to a  "non-stan-
> dard"   MPC860  board. 

I've ported linux to a few custom 860 boards.

> Obviously,  it  does  not  provide  the  same
> environment as the EPPC-Bug on the MBX860 boards.

I am with you.

> Can anybody see what I'm doing wrong, or at least give me a few hints
> where to look?

Well, I havn't had any trouble like that.

I started loading a 'vmlinux' to address 0 and started at address 0x0c.
That was just because I didn't like the things that was done in the
boot-code for the zImage.
The MBX board reads some stuff from the NVRAM and does a few wierd

I've made a port to an ADS board from motorola, I've sent the patches to
Dan Malek.

I use the embedded-2.2.5 tarball, what code do you use?
My patches are for the embedded-2.2.5 code.

I've got a bootrom that loads a zImage or vmlinux from ATA-flash or
That might be a good start.

Another thing - remember to read the errata for the 860.
Revisions before C tend to have some problems.
And 860T has still (B3) got problems.
Good luck! /


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