creating EABI stack frames

David Edelsohn dje at
Sat Jul 31 01:12:36 EST 1999

	Linux/PPC uses SVR4 ABI for PowerPC.  Linux/PPC originally was
developed using eABI which is a more restrictive variant of SVR4, but it
has transitioned to standard SVR4.  SVR4 and eABI stacks look identical.

	For a description of the stack frame, see the file
gcc/config/rs6000.c in the GCC distribution.  Just above the function
rs6000_stack_info() is a picture, like the ones in your message, showing
the layout of an AIX, SVR4, and Windows/NT (discontinued) stack on

	The current release of GCC does have some argument alignment
problems and stdarg/varargs is very complicated for SVR4/PPC.  The
alignment problems may be fixed in gcc-2.95.1, but I cannot guarantee


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