Is the vger 2.2 kernel branch dead

Martin Costabel costabel at
Wed Jul 21 05:46:41 EST 1999

Tom Rini wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Neil Piercy wrote:
> > From: Tom Rini <trini at>
> >
> > > On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Johnnie Peters wrote:
> > >
> > > Try putting 'em vs 2.3.x.  I think right now the push is to fix all the
> > > little annoyances/problems that we're stuck w/ in 2.2.x and move forward
> > > in 2.3.x.  Then backport things later on.
> >
> > I thought 2.2.x was meant to be the stable branch and 2.3.x the dev ?  It
> > seems strange to back-port fixes to known bugs in the stable branch from a
> > dev branch which is frequently broken - or do I misunderstand ? Stable
> > doesnt equal frozen in my book.
> 2.2.x is for obvious and correct stuff, important fixes and the like.
> Some of the stuff no doubt belongs in 2.2.x.  Other things I've seen go
> past (Hotswap PCI) is most definatly a 2.3.x thing (IMHO) and might need
> some work to be accepted by linus (as hotswap is a generic thing, but i
> didn't look over that patch very well).  Of course another problem is
> making sure Cort or Paul actually sees the patch and doesn't accidently
> just delete it.  I know Cort gave some people who asked accounts on
> for patches, and I think there's a place anyone can
> upload...

Is anyone in the PPC camp actually following the vger 2.3.x branch? I am
asking because since almost a month this branch hasn't compiled on my
ppc any more, due to some obvious bugs. Maybe it is better to wait until
the dust from that page-cache adventure has settled? 


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