Some Cross Compiling Questions

Grant Carter gcarter at
Thu Jul 15 01:41:33 EST 1999

Hi all

I am very new at using the GNU tools and cross compilers etc and am
wanting to compile Linux for the RPXLite Board running a PowerPC 823. I
have gone throught the CrossGCC FAQ as well as a document on Cross
Development for Linux/PPC but I still have a few questions/problems
which I hope someone can help me with please.

I am running an i386-FreeBSD system and, as I said before, am wanting to
build a PowerPC-linux system. I have built binutils- and
egcs-1.1.2 successfully and have used that to build the LinuxPPC kernel
(2.2.5). Everything compiled fine but I want to know 2 things: I have
read about libgcc.o and was wondering if I had to provide my own one or
if gcc knew enough about the 823 to build its own. Secondly, how do I
get floating point emulation running as the 823 doesn't provide hardware
floating point. I saw a --nfp in the configuration options - should I
enable this?

Next I tried to compile both glibc which failed. The error message was
as follows:

../sysdeps/powerpc/s_isnan.c: In function `__isnan':
../sysdeps/powerpc/s_isnan.c:32: fixed or forbidden register 32 (0) was
spilled for class FLOAT_REGS. This may be due to a compiler bug or to
impossible asm statements or clauses.

Is this related to my needing the correct libgcc.o file so that the
assembler knows how to implement these functions or what?

I also tried newlib 1.8.1 and newlib 1.7.1. They were complaining about
crt1.0 and crt1.s respectively. I believe that I need one of these files
built for my target platform. Can someone provide me with one or do I
have to write my own? If so, can someone please point me in the
direction of some documentation about the contents of these files? 

Thanks in advance

Grant Carter                              gcarter at
Department of Electrical Engineering      University of Cape Town
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