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Hollis R Blanchard hollis+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Jul 9 06:09:24 EST 1999

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Charles A. Jolley wrote:
> > 
> > Also, lots and lots of "warning: multi-character character constant" coming
> > from lines like
> >
> > static const FourCharCode kFractionLostPacketsSig = 'frac';
> >
> > Should those single ticks be quotes?
> >
> > -Hollis
> The MacOS makes extensive use of 4-character constants (32-bit values) to
> identify file and creator types, and also the types of resources in the
> resource fork of a file.  The single quote method is a standard way of
> indicating these constants and all MacOS compilers will take it without
> complaint.  I encountered this same problem when porting some Mac stuff to
> Linux some time ago.  I seem to recall that the compiler complained but
> produced the right results anyway.  My Linux systems are down right now so I
> can't check to make sure and I've since updated all my old code to work
> around it.

I remember that much from the very little Mac OS programming I've done... but
I was just wondering how the compiler was handling it. I mean, if I were a
compiler and I was just translating chars in 's to ascii values, I'd probably
get confused. If it's no problem, then why is it a warning?

> Changing the single ticks to quotes will most definitely introduce errors,
> though, because that will cause the compiler to produce a 32-bit pointer to
> a NULL terminated string "frac", rather than a 32-bit value equal to the
> four characters 'frac'.  This can be particularly deadly in code where types
> are explicitly cast because it is still a 32-bit value either way.

Just hoping for a quick fix... =)

Also, was the two-line patch mentioned before for LinuxPPC? Whose is it and
where is it? The darwin-streaming Apple mailing list is exceptionally dead,
and I haven't seen any mention of LinuxPPC anything on there.


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