Strange PMAC IDE performance problem

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Wed Jan 6 21:02:56 EST 1999

On Wed, Jan 6, 1999, Albrecht Dreß <ad at> wrote:

>I use the latest test kernel form your web page (2.1.130 with patches; btw.
>trackpad patch is REALLY great!!) and boot with BootX 1.0.1. Bogus interrupts
>appear both with nothing attached to external SCSI and with a tape drive. I
>very few bogus irq's from via_pmu_interrupt (c01d43fc, c01d4410) and
LOTS from
>do_IRQ (c0005518) in both cases. According to /proc/interrupts, doing a dd of
>200 MBytes form /dev/zero to the internal hd resulted in 31 bad irq's from
>do_IRQ (and a transfer rate of 1.71 MB/s).

By curiousity, did someone tried to locate the exact instruction in
do_IRQ when those bogus interrupt happens ? Looks it's always the same...
On MacOS, CodeWarrior has a useful disassembly tool that mixes C and asm
output for that, but I guess there is probably something 1000 times
better on Linux, I just need to know the command line ;-)

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