2.2.2 compilation errors

satadru pramanik satadru at umich.edu
Sun Feb 28 04:39:57 EST 1999

2.2.2 from ftp.us.kernel.org
ac4 frm Alan Cox's ftp site.
using modified linux-pmac ftp site dot.config.
does this answer the where from?

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Martin Costabel wrote:

I wasn't able to get this kind of error with a stock Linus-2.2.2 kernel.
Could this be either the -ac4 extensions or the USB stuff that you have
enabled (where is this from, anyway?).


satadru pramanik wrote:
> Thanks again for all of the useful suggestions.  Further along the
> compilation chain, i came across this fatal error with the pmac_ide stuff.
> Luckily, since I have a 7600, w/o ide, i could just disable this, but it
> would be nice to get this working in Linus' tree, since his tree is
> mirrored everywhere.
> -sat.
> ---compilation output---
> t/net.a drivers/scsi/scsi.a drivers/cdrom/cdrom.a drivers/sound/sound.a
> drivers/pci/pci.a drivers/macintosh/macintosh.a drivers/video/video.a \
>         /mnt/ibm/sin/src/kernel/linux/lib/lib.a \
>         --end-group \
>         -o vmlinux
> arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o: In function `find_ide_boot':
> arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o(.text.init+0x18e2): undefined reference to
> `pmac_ide_count'

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