PowerPC Beowulf Who?

Douglas Godfrey dvdoug at tiac.net
Fri Feb 26 13:56:01 EST 1999

At 5:28 AM -0500 2/25/99, sean o'malley wrote: [Re: PowerPC Beowulf Who?]
>Firewire is _begging_ for clustering/Assymetrical processing (think about a
>block of networked RAM). Its almost a waste not to use it for that.
>Second its begging to _not_ to use TCP/IP
>Third I dont think it needs routers/switches and it definately doesnt need
>as much work to install a network vs fibre.
>Fourth if someone wants to hack at a firewire driver try (I dont have a
>Fifth, I really need to read up on this stuff =)
>Sixth, Compaq is selling Linux clusters with the new Alphas. (or so i read

Marathon Computer <http://www.marathoncomputer.com> is making rack mountable
cases for the iMAC which can put 2 iMAC CPUs in a 1U ISO rack mount case.
This lets you put 120 iMACs and 8 16way 100baseT switches in a single rack.
You can mount an entire 266mhz PPC, 120 CPU Beowulf cluster in a single rack.


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