Interrupt routing in prep_pci.c

Matt Porter mmporter at
Wed Feb 24 07:39:58 EST 1999

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, VALETTE Eric wrote:

> eric>	1) we should know wether the board firmware correctly
> eric>	set up the PCI devices. If this is the case, the old
> eric>	interrupt scheme must be removed. Note that this
> eric>	implies to have a better scheme for identifying board than the
> eric>	inb (0x800) currently used.
> Cort> That's right, we should keep the setup if it's correct.  Find me a better
> Cort> scheme for identifying the board, then.
> For motorola, use the sytem configuration register at physaddr 0xfef80400 for
> example. I do not know all the boards but probably someone at motorola could 
> make suggestions as I bet PPCBUG has code to make it :)
> I think  correct board dentification is a key point for code
> portability/autoconfiguration. Not working on this item will
> prevent any good restructuration as adding code for one board will
> break another...

Ok, maybe this will help stop the endless whining.

First determine Raven or Hawk existence, if it is Raven the following

The key is to use the base module status register (BMSR) at I/O 0x802

0xe0  MCP750
0xe1  MCPN750
0xf7  MTX no parport
0xf8  MTX w/ parport
0xf9  MVME2300
0xfa  MVME2300SC or MVME2600 w/100BaseT (use SYSCR 0xfef80400 to determine
      which: bits 31-24 of SYSCR are 0xfd for 2300's or 0xfe for others)
0xfb  MVME2600/2700 w/712 I/O
0xfc  MVME2600/2700 w/761 I/O
0xfd  MVME3600 w/712 I/O
0xfe  MVME3600 w/761 I/O
0xff  MVME1600

Now, if it is a Hawk, you have a new architecture which has no board
registers.  VPD is stored in EEPROM across the Hawk I2C bus.  Write the
I2C lib for Hawk and parse the data.  It is _much_ more detailed than what
is available from the old register sets.  The first board with this scheme
is the MVME2400.

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