[ppc-dev] Summary: Restructuring Efforts

Paul Mackerras paulus at cs.anu.edu.au
Sun Feb 21 22:20:16 EST 1999

Michael Meissner <meissner at cygnus.com> wrote:

> Why do people keep mentioning a second tree, and not using something like a
> branch off of the main cvs tree?  Within egcs, we use branches for separate
> development tasks (1.1.x and mainline).  In fact right now, I have my own
> branch for the PowrerPC compiler changes.

Two reasons, the main one being access control, the secondary one
being that we may want to have the two trees maintained by different
people in different places.

I don't think having two trees, keeping track of the differences, and
merging changes from one to another is a big problem.  I have this
Tk-based tool called `dirdiff' for visualizing the differences between
up to 5 trees.  If anyone wants to have a look at it, it's in
ftp://samba.anu.edu.au/pub/linux-pmac/misc/dirdiff.  It's still a
little rough around the edges and it doesn't have any documentation,
but it may be useful.


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