Header errors

Dean Takemori dean at uhheph.phys.hawaii.edu
Sat Feb 20 03:05:38 EST 1999

I'm attempting to install GNOME on my system and have run
into the same problem with two different libraries (ORBit-0.3.98
and gtk+-1.1.15-2)

It seems that the library headers #define _XOPEN_SOURCE and/or
_XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED.  Apparently #defining these leads to
parse errors when #including arpa/inet.h or sys/ipc_buf.h.

Is this a known headers bug?

I'm running a LinuxPPC-R4 distribution with egcs-1.1.1 and
the samba 2.2.1 kernel on a Powerbook G3 Series.  Linux is
installed on a hard drive in the left media bay (it runs
perfectly there with the 2.2.1 kernel)

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