Restructuring Efforts

Jesper Skov jskov at
Fri Feb 19 01:26:37 EST 1999

>>>>> "Gabriel" == Gabriel Paubert <paubert at> writes:

>>  This is a valid concern. I don't know if it's possible to do
>> anything about this.
>> It may be the case that none of the Amiga drivers use the same IO
>> macros as other drivers use. As I remember it, there are two set of
>> macros. But it's a long time since I looked at that, I could be
>> wrong.

Gabriel> No they don't, have a look at include/asm-ppc/io.h, there is
Gabriel> a lot of ifdef on CONFIG_APUS. This can't reasonably be made
Gabriel> into a run time option IMHO.

I'm aware of having made those changes :)   What I'm not sure about is
whether I experienced problems with both read/writex and in/outx, or
just did the conversion wholesale. 

What I'm considering is whether it would be possible to use the _ns
variants in Amiga drivers -- which is quite likely. Then you could
swap bytes to your heart's content in the other macros for all I care.


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