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On Sat, Feb 13, 1999, Michael Meissner <meissner at> wrote:

Thanks for the reply !

>Using the standard PowerPC GCC Linux compiler, if you use the -mrelocatable
>switch, and call __eabi immediately in the startup code after setting up the
>stack, it will generate position independent code.  The -mrelocatable switch
>tells the compiler to put all non-call addresses used in a table, that the
>__eabi function fixes up to the appropriate address.  The text and data
>must be loaded at the same relative location to each other.  If you
>the compiler for powerpc-eabi instead of powerpc-linux, it would generate the
>__eabi call automatically for the main function, but since the Linux compiler
>doesn't do this, you need to do it by hand.

Ok. That is what I need.

>Note, all modules linked together must be compiled with the -mrelocatable
>option, including those being assembled (and the assembler will check whether
>you did any relocations that can't be fixed up).  For libraries there is the
>-mrelocatable-lib that allow the modules to be linked with either normal code
>or -mrelocatable code (but I think there are some bfd/linker changes that
>haven't been released yet that affect the linking of -mrelocatable-lib

I won't link against any existing library, just a couple of .c files and
eventually some assembly code.

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