clgenfb updates (mainly for PReP)

Jeff Rugen jrugen at
Sun Feb 14 03:57:38 EST 1999

Well, I (mostly) have 16- and 32-bit color depths working.  A few modes are
still causing problems, and I have some small problem with the accelleration
code for those bit-depths, but they are coming up.  I also fixed a bug where
I was only using 5 of the 6 bits for the clock denominator, so more modes
are working then before.  In the higher color modes, occasionally my blit
code will move or clear more pixes than it should -- usually either when
deleting character or when scrolling up and down through the command
history.  Higher color modes won't work as a module (with 2.2.1 anyway) --
but you should just have to modify fbcon-cfbX.c the same way I have
fbcon-cfb8.c patched.

The fix may also allow higher color depths to work on non-prep boards
(previously, text colormaps for other depths were not being set).

Thanks to Cort, I have the patches at

Patches are against 2.2.1.

Jeff Rugen                      jrugen at

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