NuBus PowerMacs and PDM video

Michael R. Zucca mrz5149 at
Thu Feb 11 14:57:04 EST 1999

At 6:49 AM -0500 2/10/99, BenH wrote:

>Anyway, I now have some code
>to mess with the video controller, so I will be able to work around this

What does the code reveal about the controller? Is it the MkLinux code?

>There is a MacOS call for logical->physical mappings. The base address
>sent by BootX to the kernel is already a physical address (actually both
>are sent with BootX >= 1.0.2b1)

I could see why you're confused, then. The booter sends you an address of
zero and it looks like a bug. :) However, the fact that the frame
buffer starts at 0 physical is weird but shouldn't be an impediment.

The last time I heard of Apple doing this was on the IIsi/IIci. We've been
avoiding the subject in NetBSD-mac68k for some time now :)

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