Ken Roberts ken at
Thu Feb 11 14:33:54 EST 1999

do you mean without rebooting your machine?

if i understand you correctly, you have not changed any configuration files, but
instead have killed the anonymous ftp server.

i think, if inetd is running your anonymous ftp, then you should be able to do

kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`

when you send a HUP (hangup) to a unix daemon, it re-reads the configuration
file.  this is the least-destructive way to do this, it should cause all your
servers to re-read their configs without breaking critical connections to users.

also, the quotes in the line above are backticks, which is under the ~ key.  if
you can't get that to work, then you can break the command into two parts:

cat /var/run/

<number is printed>

kill -HUP <number>

>what is to do, if i ftpshut the anonymous ftp-server and want to restart

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