NuBus PowerMacs and PDM video

Andre Tomt atomt at
Thu Feb 11 11:22:01 EST 1999


I have a Apple Power Macintosh 6100/60 [0] that's in tip-top shape. I'll be 
happy to act as a beta tester for the NUBUS-port of LinuxPPC. I'm doing 
frequent backups so if the drive corrupts, I won't loose anything important,
 I hope ;)

it has 256Kb L2 cache and a 4.5GB IBM UWSCSI-3 HD (on the built-in bus). 
currently running Mac OS 8.5.1 and MkLinux DR3 gen#06.

so if there's any interest, I'll donate some of my spare time for this.

[0] the casing says 6100/60, but diagnostics-sw says it's a 66.

André Tomt      -
andre at    - administrator

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