building egcs under LinuxPPC pre-R5

Andreas Tobler a.tobler at
Wed Feb 10 19:34:40 EST 1999


since the beginning of February I try to build egcs snapshot 19990131
and now 19990208. The succcess is small. I got the 19990131 snapshot to
build and install, but when I compile c++ code with some include
restrictions it seems that it overrides it which causes an error. The
egcs I used before and now again, was 2.91.60 I think, for LinuxPPC
folks egcs- With this compiler I haven't had this error.
My question, is there something specific when building an egcs on
LinuxPPC that I have to take care of? It's not necessary for me to take
a snapshot, but I need to build an egcs & libstdc++ with the option

my config: 	LinuxPPC pre-R5 with glibc-2.0.108
		Kernel 2.2.0 self built
		running compiler egcs-
How I did egcs:	./configure --enable-shared --enable-threads
		make LANGUAGES="c c++"
		make LANGUAGES="c c++" install
Any hints?

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